Come With Me: My Pet

~ by Hath, August 9, 2008

“Come with me,” you said. Those three words had my pussy dripping.

I knew when you started the conversation with those three little words, we were about to try something new. You were adventurous, and you knew I was too, and nothing so far has been outside the realm of what we would do to each other. You silently led me into a room – the room – deep in the bowels of your mansion. With each step, I could feel myself growing more and more aroused. This room held nothing but pleasure for us over the years: unbearable, erotic, satisfying pleasure.

The room was dominated by a huge four-poster bed, centered in front of an alcove containing a curtained picture window. Gleaming mahogany nightstands flanked the bed, and a mirror, currently covered over, hung on the ceiling. I approached the bed and moaned, my pussy shuddering in appreciation. There were velvet ropes hanging from each of the bedposts. My pulse kicked up as I got an idea of what was going to happen.

You pointed me toward the window, your hands gentle on my shoulders, and urged me to walk toward the wall. A large metal ring was bolted into the wall on either side of the window. That was new. I looked at you over my shoulder, and your eyes twinkled with mischief. “What is this?” I asked.

“Shhh,” you answered stroking my hair. “Take your clothes off, Savannah, but leave your heels on.”

I hesitated for only a moment, then the heat in your gorgeous eyes made me hasten to obey. When I was naked, you circled me, perusing every inch of skin, trailing your fingertips in your gaze’s wake. “Open your legs,” you said to me. When I did, you dropped to your knees in front of me and grabbed my ass, licking my pussy roughly with sure, hard strokes. As I was perched on the edge of oblivion, you stopped. “Nice,” you said, licking your lips. “Your pussy is dripping wet already.”

“Always for you,” I said, knowing that the slight lowering of my voice and the huskiness would have your cock hardening.

You locked eyes with mine for a long moment, then you turned away to retrieve something from the nightstand. You came back with two thick leather wristlets, each with a silver ring hanging from it. My breathing was coming in aroused gasps as I raised my wrists so you could fasten them onto me. Satisfied you secured them properly you pulled two lengths of ordinary hemp rope from your pockets. “This should do,” you said archly. You threaded one end of the rope through the ring attached to each wristlet. You tied the other ends to the metal rings on the wall.

I was bound now, arms stretched wide across the window alcove. If you pulled open the curtains, I would be able to look out over our backyard fountain. And whoever was working in the yard would see me.

“Spread your legs,” you commanded. “You will find yourself more stable.” I did as I was told. “You are mine now, Savannah, mine because I choose to make you mine. Mine because you chose to come with me.” You brushed my curly hair back away from my anxious blue eyes. God I wish you’d get on with it already.

You just smiled, smug bastard.

I heard you moving behind me, near the bed, then you stood before me again, something dark in your hands. You held out the article for my inspection. I swallowed the lump in my throat. The item in your hands was clearly some sort of dildo, but it had what looked like a horsetail on the end. “What is that?” I asked, my mouth running dry.

“This, my pet, is your tail,” you said. You gently inserted it into my pussy, coating it with my juices, twisting it around inside me and making me moan, igniting the fire again. You removed it just as gently and showed it to me. Its length was glistening in the dim light of the room. I watched as you used a finger to make sure every inch was coated and when you found a spot that wasn’t, you dipped a finger into my pussy to collect more.

When you were happy that it was coated thoroughly, and that I was hovering once again on the very edge of sanity, you circled around to stand behind me, put a gentle hand on my shoulder and trailed it down my back to the swell of my ass. “Relax, Savannah,” you said, and I tried, but it was difficult. You urged me to bend slightly at the waist, to give you greater access, and you slowly pushed the plug into my ass, twisting it gently until it was all the way in. As it moved up my tunnel, the sense of “full” took on a whole new meaning. The press of that rubber in a place we had yet to explore until that moment was sensual and amazing, and I hope next time it’s your cock filling and stretching me there.

When it was seated, you kissed the small of my back. “Close your legs,” you ordered. I did. “Very nice,” you said, fluffing out the tail’s hair. The hair was long, tickling the back of my knees. “Don’t let it slip out my pet,” you said sternly.

You left me again to retrieve another item from the nightstand. I heard a click and a discreet hum. Oh God, you have my vibrator. It had a thick, 8” long shaft with an egg on the end that was angled so it would hit my G-spot. I didn’t know you knew about that. You smiled at my surprise, and stood in front of me.

“I know everything about you, Savannah, my pet,” you said, touching the vibrating end of the toy against my clit.

The smooth surface of the toy did nothing to ease the ache you had caused, and you knew it. Chuckling sexily, you aimed it toward my slick opening. Torturously slow, you slid it inside me, ensuring it was angled right. The feel of that in my pussy and the plug in my ass was overwhelming. The vibrations jiggled the dildo in my ass, and set my tail twitching, and the hair brushing my thighs and knees made me want to tremble, but I fought against it.

You smiled and kissed me then, the first kiss of the evening. I tasted myself on your hot mouth and I tried to make you feel how hungry you had made me. I twined my tongue with yours, and cried out when you dialed up the speed on the vibrator. It was pulsing so fast in me, my vision started to swim.

“Fight it, Savannah,” you said, breaking the kiss, and tugging gently on my tail, making me gasp. “Do not cum yet.”

You stripped off your shirt, the ripped muscles of your chest and arms taunting me with their beauty. I struggled against the bonds, wanting to touch you, but you just laughed. “Oh no, Savannah,” you said. “This is my time to play.” You stood in the alcove and put a hand on the gold curtain-pulls, watching as my eyes went wide. After peeking out between the drapes and turning back to me with a smile, you opened the curtains slightly, letting the afternoon sunlight stream across my nakedness. Perched on the window sill, you watched me struggle to hold my orgasm back, pleased that I was doing as you commanded.

It seemed like an eternity before you stood and came to me, grazing your fingers over my breasts, teasing and plucking at my nipples until they were painfully hard. You tilted your head just so, and watched as your fingers trailed over my belly and down into the thatch of curls. You made no move to touch my clit, and I couldn’t help the cry of frustration that escaped my lips.

With each methodical stroke of your fingertips, my pussy was pulsing, expanding and contracting in time with your motions. You again dragged your fingertips close to my clit, but not quite touching, and my knees buckled. You paused, waiting for me to straighten again, then dropped to your knees before me to study my clit: distended and protruding from between my aching lips.

With a smile, you said, “Now, cum for me, my pet,” then pinched my clit and that was enough. The orgasm broke over me, hot and hard; my sex, it felt, turned inside out. The room turned red as you lapped around the base of the vibrator so none of my cum would trickle down my legs. I screamed your name then hung helpless in my bonds, writhing, twitching, undone.

When I returned to awareness, I found that you had removed the ass-tail and vibrator, and my body felt strangely bereft. I missed the fullness, and hoped we weren’t done yet. I watched through lust-hooded eyes as you unfastened my wrists from the walls. You massaged my shoulders and upper arms, urging the blood to flow back into them, all the while kissing me tenderly and murmuring words of gratitude and love.

Knowing I was weak as a kitten, you scooped me into your strong, sure arms and finally I got to touch your sculpted chest, though I lacked the strength to even lick at one of your delicious nipples. With proud, sure steps, you carried me to the bed, laying me down gently, before stepping back to strip off the rest of your clothes. When you were gloriously naked you slid your body up mine until your throbbing cock, harder than I thought possible, slid into my tight, wet pussy, and I arched from the bed with a scream of pure pleasure.

“I love you, Savannah,” you said, as you stroked me gently, building me up again. With an evil grin, you reached for the velvet rope hanging from the closest bedpost.

“I love you too, Richie,” I answered, raising my arm to be bound once again.


Goddess' Notes:

Savannah: I hope this cheers you and FINALLY gives you inspiration to write about The Dark One ;o)

Richie Darlin': I'll be your Savannah anytime...


Anonymous said...

Um...Hath? "Inspiring" doesn't even begin to cover it. I think I may need spend a few minutes, alone with my laptop, and oh, one of those yummy new pics of The Dark One from your siggy.

Suddenly being a Jonny girl just seems so....vanilla... ;)


Anonymous said...

This was insanely HOT!!!

Hell I love your biscuits, please more of it!!!

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Officially Wrecked!