The Garden Party: Jon and Caroline

~ by Hath August 20, 2008

Goddess’ Note: I was challenged to give you a glimpse into Caroline and Jon’s life....Here’s a low window you can peep through....

When Savannah told those gathered under her window that Richie would be joining the men in just a few minutes, they dispersed. As Caroline wound her arm through that of her husband, she glanced back over her shoulder. Something about the way they were standing niggled at the back of her head. Then she saw Richie lean heavily over Savannah’s back, looking like a man who had just...

“Oh my God!” Caroline said softly.

Jon turned to her. “What’s wrong, my love?”

Caroline blushed. “Nothing, I –” she trailed off and looked hesitatingly over her shoulder again.

Jon followed her gaze with his own, and smiled. Richie was straightening and trying to be sneaky about adjusting his pants, and it looked like Savannah was holding the back of her skirt closed. The pair was laughing and sharing a tender kiss as they left the balcony. “Son of a bitch,” he swore, then chuckled. “They did, didn’t they?” he asked. “What did you see?”

“He was, well, slumped over Van’s back,” she said, laughing. “I can’t believe he talked her into doing that!’

Jon’s eyes darkened. “How do you know she didn’t talk him into it?”

“She would never...” Caroline trailed off, remembering the evil little glint in her friend’s eyes when Savannah was talking to Cheryl. “Oh,” she said. “Oh! What a dirty girl!” She clapped a hand over her mouth to control the giggling.

Jon laughed. “You know, the Victorian era was full of dirty, naughty games. It doesn’t surprise me that Rich picked that for his theme. I still can’t believe they had the balls to stand there, fucking each other in front of us, though.”

Caroline’s arm tightened on Jon’s. “Just how naughty were the Victorian games?” she asked, already knowing the answer to that question. One of her favorite pastimes was reading historical romance novels, something she had in common with Savannah. Some of them were pure pornography, hiding under the guise of romance. Some of the games and scenes shocked her at first but now she found them intriguing. Apparently, so did Savannah.

A slow, lecherous smile spread over Jon’s face. “Oh, baby, they were extremely naughty. Anything you can think of? It was fair game.”

“Really? Anything?” Caroline smiled wickedly and considered her husband. She did believe he was inviting her to think of a game they could play.

“Anything,” Jon reiterated, leaning in to kiss her tenderly. “Is there mention of any sorts of games you might like to try in those romance novels you read?”

Her mind was spinning with possibilities. When they were dressing for the party, she thought a bit of role play in their costumes would be fun. Some of the things in those novels made her thighs part just thinking about them. And just now, realizing that Richie and Savannah were having sex with an audience made her want to try one or two of those things out for herself.

Caroline laughed. “How did you know that’s exactly where my thoughts were going?”

“I can read it in your eyes, my love. You’re just as naughty as your friend, aren’t you?” He pulled her behind a tree and leaned her against it. He braced his hands against the trunk over her head and leaned in close.

Caroline could see sparks shooting behind the cerulean pools. Jon’s eyes seemed bluer today, enhanced by the reflected color of his cravat. A rich, royal blue, it was knotted expertly around the wing-tipped collar of his shirt and stuck through with a black pearl tie pick. The pure white shirt tucked tightly into straight black trousers, cut high in the ass, accenting another of his best features. The black vest he wore made his chest look even wider than it was, and a discreet gold chain connected his grandfather’s pocket watch to the button at his side.

Jon wore a tailcoat that made his shoulders seem broad enough to take on the weight of the world, and the shirt cuffs that shot through the coat’s sleeves sported gold cufflinks engraved with his initials, “JFBJ”, which Caroline joked stood for “Jon Fucking Bon Jovi” instead of “John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.”

Jon smiled a purely predatory smile, and covered Caroline’s mouth with his, seducing her with his tongue. His hands lowered to frame her face, and Caroline wound her arms around Jon’s waist, pulling him in close. With a motion that was second nature to her, Caroline rose slightly on tip-toe and parted her legs just a little, so Jon could lean into her.

“Jon,” she said on a whisper.

“Yes, my love?” he said. His hands wandered lower, over the creamy white shoulders left bare by the taffeta and velvet confection she wore. The gown had a tight velvet bodice, pushing her delicious breasts up to the point where they looked as if they would spill from the dress. Jon trailed his fingers over the tops of them, making her shiver.

A diagonal row of taffeta roses crossed her from right to left, and Jon traced each one, lingering over the second one, which was situated just over her nipple. Caroline’s breath hitched and a flush began to creep over her skin. Jon’s hands settled around her waist, at the deep vee made by the black velvet. The stark black gave way to miles of royal blue taffeta gathered in a lovely shirred skirt. Caroline had worn a bone hoop underskirt under her dress, which made getting to her a little more difficult, but he was a determined man, and was soon rubbing against her enticingly, making her breath come in fits and starts. He trailed feather-light kisses along her jaw while he stroked her, until he reached the spot behind her ear that drove her wild. He licked and nibbled at that spot until Caroline was gasping.

“I want to play naughty games with you,” she said.

“Anything you want, my lovely, lovely Caroline,” he whispered in her ear a moment before darting his tongue inside.

Jon was startled by a hand clapping him on the shoulder. “I thought you wanted to play cards?” Richie said, smiling at his friend. “Hello, Caroline,” he said to her, winking.

Caroline couldn’t quite meet his gaze. “Hey, Rich,” she said, looking somewhere over his left shoulder. She gently pushed Jon off her and kissed his lips. “I’ll let you know what I decide,” she said, tracing his lips with her tongue before stepping away. “Have fun.”

As the men walked back to the card tables, Jon slapped Richie’s back. “Inspired theme for a party, man,” he said. “Inspiring and, uh, enlightening,” he added, smiling at his friend. Richie looked in Jon’s face and saw exactly what he meant.

“Aw hell, Kidd,” he said, a flush creeping up his neck.

Jon just laughed. “Man, you’ve got balls, I’ll give you that. Now how the hell did you get her to agree to that?”

“It was her idea,” Richie said quietly. He looked across the yard and saw Savannah talking with Caroline and Cheryl. The women saw his perusal of them and waved daintily. Savannah blew him a kiss and twitched her skirt, making Jon laugh.

“Damn, bro,” he said, shaking his head.

Richie hooted with laughter. “Jealous, much?” he asked.

“No way, man, Caro, who totally busted you out by the way, is totally into the whole game playing thing.” He smiled at his friend’s sudden discomfort.

“She what?” Richie was mortified. Well if he was honest with himself, he’d admit he was a little thrilled, too.

“You heard me,” Jon laughed. “She saw you slump over your lovely wife as only a man who just got his rocks off could.” He punched Richie’s shoulder. “Nice one.”

“Damn,” Richie chuckled. “No wonder she wouldn’t look at me.”

“Nah, that’s just because you’re ugly,” Jon retorted.

“Fuck you,” Richie said, good-naturedly.

“You’re too old to go again so soon, and besides, I prefer my women a bit shorter than you, Gigantor.”

Richie laughed pounded Jon on the back, and the two men returned to their cards.

It was late when the party finally broke up. Jon and Caroline cruised home in Jon’s newest pride and joy: a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner convertible. As he’d tell anyone who’d listen, only 684 of these beauties were produced in 1970. It was painted Lemon Twist Yellow, with a black-striped hood. The Roadrunner had factory tach and gauges, as well as a genuine AM radio. The bucket seats, pistol-grip 4-speed, and rally wheels made it his favorite car. This year.

In deference to the party earlier, they had ridden the 20 miles to Richie and Savannah’s with the top up. Now, however, they let the wind blow through their hair as the throaty purr of the bird’s engine heightened their sexual awareness. There was something primal in the low growl that vibrated through the vehicle. Caroline could feel it as she rested her hand over Jon’s on the stick shift. If she put her bare feet on the floorboards, she could feel the rumbling all the way up her legs.

Caroline moved her hand from the stick shift to Jon’s thigh, its muscles straining at the fabric of his costume pants, bunching and relaxing as he worked the gas and clutch. She rubbed slow circles high on his leg, and Jon slid a look her way. “What’s up, honey?”

“Oh,” Caroline said wickedly before sliding her hand over his just-wakening cock, “nothing yet, but I’m working on it.” She rubbed at him for a minute until she saw him white-knuckled on the steering wheel. Only then did she back off. “I’ll stop. We can’t go having an accident before you have your dessert,” Caroline said.

Jon’s pulse leapt in his throat. “Oh, and what might my dessert be?”

“I thought a lovely cold fruit salad with honey would be just the thing for a warm summer’s night.”


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that sounds like just the thing, Hath. A cool, refreshing fruit salad. *dies* I can only imagine where you might be going with this.

Could someone please fetch me a glass of lemonade? *fans self* I'm feeling quite parched!

Joviswoman said...

*passes Sam a lemonade* Here honey loads of ice in it like mine has!

Dang H, more *squeak*

Anonymous said...

Pass the ice Gail! Who needs lemonade..... *gulp*

Anonymous said...

Loved the start of the short story. I hope to read more soon.


SoulGirl said...

Well Hell.

This was insanely hot I loved the setting and your descriptions of the costumes and also Jon's new toy, were perfect. Loved them.

Cannot WAIT foir Fruit Salad and Honey ;)


Anonymous said...

Please m'am, may I have another?



johnnajovi said...

WOW!!!! I did get a chuckle when Richie tapped Jon on the Shoulder and said "I thought we were playing cards" I cracked UP!!!!