His Point of View (II)

~ by Hath, August 17, 2008

Just so you know, I'm no slouch in the fucking department.

Mind you, I enjoy a variety, though, so no matter how much you beg for it, you don't get my cock right away. We'll get to that. First, I want to taste you. All of you. I start with your neck, your delicious, peach-scented neck. I don't know how you do it, but even at the end of the day, your scent makes me want to eat you alive. I'll nibble at that sensitive part of you, right where the neck and shoulder meet, and you'll give off a new scent - one that teases my nostrils and makes me long to bury my tongue in your pussy.

But not yet.

First, I want to lick my way down over your collarbone to that valley between your gorgeous breasts. A small amount of sweat glistens there, and I lap hungrily at it, savoring the slight saltiness. Your sigh encourages me, and I meander over to one plump, pink nipple and take just a sip. Just a taste. It leaves me hungry for more, but I must see if its twin tastes the same. It does. For long minutes, I alternate between your peaks, licking with long strokes, then blowing on the moisture left behind so I can raise gooseflesh. The cool air makes you pucker more, makes them stand straighter, taller, all but begging to be sucked.

How can I refuse their silent pleading?

First one then the other disappears into my mouth as I suckle on you as gently as a novice. I swirl my tongue around them and bite just a little, just enough to make you gasp. Then I soothe the bites with gentle, teasing kisses. You start to squirm, and want me to linger longer, but I was never one for appetizers.

I kiss my way down your body, stopping to lave at a stray freckle or to nibble on your ribs. After a quick dip of my tongue into your navel, I continues my journey south, over your hip and to the silky soft skin of your inner thigh. By now, your arousal is potent, wafting over me like a drug. I am convinced you are wet for me, but want to find out.

I hold you open, stretching your lips so your most intimate secrets are mine to see. I stretch my tongue to its fullest length and with just the tip, lap at your opening. You scream in frustration but I now now your flavor -- the taste that is only you.

And I'm addicted.

Holding your hips down with my arms, I attack, thrusting my tongue in deep, lapping at all the sweet juicy goodness I find there. I moan in pleasure at the tastes and smells that you share with me. You're writhing now, because I'm not doing what you want, what you need. I'm not trying to make you cum, I just want to eat you. The cumming will come later (pun intended). Spying your sly little clit, nestled in those soft, fragrant curls, I smile. Slowly withdrawing my tongue, I lick my lips and look into your slumberous eyes. Without breaking eye contact, I move closer to that little bundle of nerves that place where you long to feel my mouth.

You hold your breath, afraid that the slightest word from you will break the spell, but there's nothing that will stop me now. I latch onto your clit like I did your nipples before, and suck hard. You scream with pleasure, and I can tell you are on the very edge of control. When you make that last little hitching breath that I know comes before long low moan of release, I thrust roughly into you, forcing you to take my whole length at once. Your body immediately reacts, dumping moisture on me like a flood. You squeeze tightly, not wanting me to move, but move I will. Slowly at first, I will withdraw from you almost completely, leaving just the tip teasing your hole, then will slam you, hard as you'll take it. Over and over I'll do this, until again, the hitching breath comes. This time I won't stop. I'll let you go over the edge, trying desperately to take me with you.

But my will is strong.

And the night is young.

You are panting and begging for more, even as you try to pull yourself together. I smile wickedly and withdraw from you completely, and urge you to lay on your stomach. I slide a pillow under your hips, position myself behind you, and push into your still quivering flesh. The change in angle is almost too much to bear, but soon, you are grabbing onto the spindles of the iron headboard and slamming backwards with almost as much force as I am using to slam into you.

I reach around to grab your nipples, pinching almost painfully. "Harder," you gasp, and I don't know whether you mean to pound your pussy harder or pinch your nipples more, so I do both, making you scream.

I feel your walls pulsing around me again, and I drop one hand to your clit and start rubbing. You moan "no", but that is not our safety word, so I don't stop. I see your arms shaking as they hold the bedframe, and smile, knowing that this time, this orgasm is going to make you hiss. The second one is a hisser for you. I've fucked you this hard enough times before to know that.

I am not disappointed.

My name escapes your lips on a breath, the last "eeee" sound drawn out on a whisper, and morphs into an "ohhhhh" as you release. One giant contraction, and you are jolting, trying to shake me off, but I hold your hips tightly, roughly, and am unrelenting. I want to wait until the fourth one, the begging, screaming fourth one, before I allow myself to cum inside you.