His Point of View

~ by Hath, August 17, 2008

I grab your hand as you walk past and pull you to me. You look in my eyes and aren't quite sure what you see there. I'll smile indulgently and give you a knowing look. Your pulse races as you realize what I mean to do.

When I sit and pull you across my lap, you let out a startled 'oh!'. I raise your skirt, showing me the creamy globes of your ass. The first smack stings, but after that, well, you don't mind so much.

By the fifth slap, you're squirming, and I can't control the response my body has to your movements. I'm so hard I can barely breathe. My slaps are lighter now, mere caresses, but to your over-sensitized flesh, the touch is almost unbearable. I lean down to kiss the red marks my hand has left on your unblemished flesh, and you purr.

I pull you up to sit, and you straddle my thighs, grinding against me as our mouths fuse together.

I plunge my tongue into your hot mouth and take all you'll give me. I reach up to grab your hair with one hand and angle you so I can go as deep as I can. Your hands fumble at my belt and I let your mouth go to stand us up, undo my pants, and rip your panties from your body. I crush you to me again, and plunder your mouth as I test your wetness with first one, then two fingers. They slide easily, so I add a third, and your knees buckle. Smiling, I sit again, and this time when you straddle me, it's to take my length inside you.

I feel you closing over me. I'm amazed that you can be so soft and so hard at the same time. Your muscles clench around me, squeezing me and it's all I can do to not grab your hips and bounce you on my lap. You set the pace, rolling your hips slowly. I unbutton your blouse and slide it from your shoulders, pleased to find you aren't wearing a bra.

I tear my mouth from yours to kiss my way down your neck, and lower still, to latch onto one pebbled nipple, pulling it into my mouth like my favorite candy. I roll my tongue over it, then my teeth, pulling gently. When you moan, I suck deep, making you grab my shoulders. You're starting to thrash now, and it won't be long until I feel you rippling around me, cumming hard. I can hardly wait.

I feel my thighs start to tense, and that tightening in my balls tells me it won't be long now. I don't want to release until you do, so I carry us across the room to the bed. Laying you down on the edge of the bed, I gently untangle your legs from around my waist and rest your ankles on my shoulders. I grab your hands and hold on as I tease you now, stroking slowly out of you until I'm almost free of your tender, hot flesh, then slamming home, burying myself to the hilt in you.

Again and again I pound you, the sounds of our bodies slapping together and the ragged breathing we share are the only noises in the room. I watch, fascinated, as your eyes start to roll back, and your head thrashes from side to side. You shake your hands free from mine, and fist them into the sheets, using your arms as leverage to raise your hips in time with the grueling rhythm I've set.

I still can't get deep enough; can't feel like I totally possess you. Roughly grabbing your ankles, I push at your feet, bending your legs so your knees are up near your delectable ears, exposing you more to me. I watch as my flesh slides easily into and out of yours, and I notice your poor lonely clit all but begging for attention. Smiling, I angle an arm so both your feet are braced against it, and I have my other hand free.

I moisten one finger, dipping it into my mouth, then slowly circle the little bundle of nerves nestled in the dark curls in front of me. You hiss and try to arch from the bed, but it's impossible from the position I have you in.

You cry out my name, begging me to take you over the edge, and how can I refuse. The circling around your clit gets faster and harder, and your eyes are completely rolled back now, tears leaking from their corners as you let a groan escape from your chest, slinking out between your swollen lips. Then you go over. I can feel the rush of moisture as you cum, and I move faster and faster in you. Your walls are pulsing around me, milking me, and one hard contraction, hitting just as I bury myself to the root in you, sets me off. I drop my arms, so I can brace them beside your head, letting your knees drape over my forearms. I ride the waves with you until every slight motion is almost painful.

I gather you up in my arms, and climb onto the bed, keeping us intimately joined. I lay us down together, and we doze happily. Sated...

For now...