The Morning After

~ By Hath, September 24, 2008

You woke before them and were very quiet, careful not to disturb them. Silent as a mouse, you pad around the room, fastening the limbs hanging off the sides of the bed to the nearest posts. You had the most amazing night with these two men, these close friends, and you want to make their morning amazing for them.

You slowly slide the cotton sheet from them, wadding it up and tossing it in the corner. You smile when you see their morning erections bobbing happily in the cool air. With an evil grin, you tie the dark one's left hand to the light one's, the curly-haired one's, right ankle, and vice versa, so when they try to struggle, they will fight against each other.

The next to last thing you do before you wake them is take a quick shower.

The last thing you do is take two very slender vibrators and a tube of lube from the nightstand.

You use the settee at the end of the bed to climb up to stand on the mattress. In a clear voice, you announce that it is time to wake up, and clap your hands loudly. Male groans puncture the room, and you kneel down to tickle the feet that are bound to each other's hands. Their knees jerk up reflexively, pulling on the arms of the other, and that freaks them out enough to try to sit upright, only to find themselves unable to do so.

"Good morning, my pretties," you say to them, and they are too stunned to do anything but stare at you. You make a big show of squirting lube on your finger before smothering one of the vibrators with it. Brown and blue eyes go wild and wide when you hold it up so they can see it.

"No words," you say to them. "Only moans and screams."

You repeat the same motions with the other toy and slowly push one into each of the men. They squirm at this intrusion, and instinctively fight against it, but you are persistent and gentle, and soon have them seated. You pick up the controls that are attached by thin cords to them, and test them, dialing them to the lowest setting, and pressing the button. Both men stiffen and gasp, but eventually relax, though now they are both starting to sweat. They have yet to look at each other, sightly embarrassed at the way this is turning them on.

You place the controls in the men's hands. "Don't drop them," you admonish, "or I'll get the larger ones." They believe you, and grip onto the controls, careful not to press the pulse button.

You crawl up the length of the light one, the one who isn't yours and sit on his shoulders, your fragrant pussy inches from his mouth. Silently you lever up on your knees, holding onto the headboard. He locks eyes on you and you smile down on him. Tentatively, he stretches his tongue to lap at you, and groans at your sweet flavor. You lower yourself a little on him, and he makes quick work of the juices that have already started to gather. You trail a hand down the side of the other man's face, the one who is watching his friend lick and suck at what is his.

When you feel the tension start to build, you back away, not wanting to cum quite yet. You slide backwards on his inked chest, and lean down to kiss him deeply, tasting yourself on him. You then lean over to the other man and kiss him deeply, transferring your flavor to his greedy tongue.

Smiling, you sheathe the light one, slide onto his length, and start rocking. His guttural moans are music to your ears. You slide your hands up to pinch his nipples, and he arches from the bed. Leaning down to his ear, you whisper, "press the button." He shakes his head from side to side. You clamp down on his ear hard enough to make him wince, then soothe the bite with gentle sucking. "I said, press the goddamn button. It is NOT a request. You will not like the consequences if you disobey."

You push up so you are once again sitting astride, and start to undulate. "Press it," you hiss.

He does, and the man next to him yelps and pulls at his restraints. You just smile. You had switched the controls so each man controls the vibrator in the other. "Do not let the button go," you say. Now for the first time the two men look at each other; apology in the blue eyes of the man you are riding. He has to quickly look away, because he does not want to see his friend's face while he's controlling the vibrator in his ass.

You feel yourself starting to approach orgasm, and brace your hands on your current partner's chest. "Dial it up," you say. "Slowly." Once again, he shakes his head in the negative. You sigh and say, "very well," then climb off him, and remove the condom. Quickly, you move across to lower yourself on the straining cock of the man next to him and sigh contentedly. "Press the button," you tell him, and he hastens to comply. You look with pity at the other man's face. "I told you you would not like the consequences," you say.

As you ride your lover, and you lean down to kiss him, you whisper in his ear, "dial it up." He looks at you with pleading eyes, not wanting to be responsible for his friend's excitement. "I will punish you if you do not," you say. You once again push up to sit astride, and watch as with trembling fingers, your lover complies with your order. You watch with a satisfied smile as the man whose body you just left stiffens and he groans as the vibrator swirls and buzzes in his ass.

You look down into deep brown eyes and smile. "Very good," you say, and reach around to cup his sac. The gentle squeeze you give him makes his eyes roll back, and you can tell he is tensing. You stop your motion and he looks at you with confusion in his face, unsure of what he did wrong. "You may not cum until he does," you say, gesturing to his friend. "You know what to do."

With an apologetic glance at his friend, your chocoloate-eyed lover dials up the speed again, making the other man twitch and jerk. His muscles strain against the restraints, and his hips piston uselessly into the air. "More," you whisper, and with a reluctant sigh, he does, and the rewarding groan from the parted lips of the blonde nearly makes you lose the tenuous hold you have on your orgasm, but you control yourself. You watch, fascinated, as the long, slender fingers of the man next to you open and close helplessly, trying to grab onto something. His head is thrashing back and forth, and you reach over to slide your hand down his hard, silky length. He shouts unintelligibly as he cums, spurting all over his belly and chest. As he lies there twitching and muttering incoherently, you look down at your man's face. "Very good," you say yet again, and hasten your motions. You're bouncing hard on him now, grinding your clit against him with every downward thrust. This time, when he approaches orgasm, you let him cum, filling you with his hot seed.

As you scream your release, you see that the other man's waning erection is starting to grow again. You smile and dismount, and crawl to the other man. You greedily lick the cum from his chest and abdomen and run your tongue over his member. Soon he is standing proud again, and you sheath him and lower yourself onto him, the buzzing in his ass transferring to your body as you ride. You look over at your sloe-eyed lovely and smile. "Your turn," you say, and this time, the blonde dials up the vibrator without being told.

You watch as his cock, impressive even when flaccid, starts to grow, and you know this must be uncomfortable, going again so soon. You turn your full attention to the blonde and reach down to thread your hands through his curls, pulling his head slightly toward you so you can ravage his mouth. Your kiss is hot and hungry, and the motions of your tongue, the thrusts and parries, are matched by the dance your hips are performing.

The grunts and growls of the dark one go straight to your core, and you know that these two will surely get back at you for the exquisite torture you are inflicting on them, and you clench at the thought. The light one is bucking now, struggling against his bonds, and you watch as his eyes roll back and his legs tense and thrash, pulling on the arm of the dark. You stop your motions, and he cries out in frustration. "Same deal, darling," you say. "He has to cum first." You lovingly stroke the now straining member next to you, applying a slight pressure that has him writhing. He bucks against your hand, and you oblige him by squeezing harder. A hiss escapes his lips as he turns purple and leaks just a bit before pumping high and hard into the air. His cum sprays him up to his neck, and tears are leaking from the corner of his eyes as he struggles to remain conscious.

You quickly turn off his vibrator, letting him come down in peace. "Now," you say to the blonde, "you may cum." You rise up and slam down on him, making him shout and his back bows up from the mattress. A hard twist of his nipples sends him over the edge, pulsing endlessly in you, his ripples triggering your own release. You throw your head back and scream as you ride out the storm, and when you collapse on his chest, sweaty and tired, you reach over and turn off his vibrator, too. The three of you are breathing hard, and you dismount with a groan. You owe your sweetheart a tongue-bath like his friend received. You do so, being careful not to touch his cock, which is still twitching and sore. When he's licked clean, you crawl to the bottom of the bed.

"Sorry, my lovelies," you say, "but they have to come out."

You slowly, one centimeter at a time, withdraw the two vibrators, watching as the men are now reluctant to give them up. When they pull free, you spend a few minutes untying them and rubbing their shoulders and ankles. With gentle kisses on their lips, you leave the bed. "When you feel up to it," you say, "I'll have a tub going. Come and get cleaned up."

Gingerly you walk from the room, certain in a minute or two, one or both of them will join you....



Jovi's Willow said...

Truly a gripping story! I loved every dark, sexy word of it!

TaraLeigh said... did I NOT see this one earlier? MERCY.

That's quite the story there, Hath. Tempting, delicious, outrageous, and unabashedly hot. Control and friendship, lust and the constant level of surprise makes this story a step away from normal erotica and into a league of its own.

Great stuff.

Gonna need a shower BEFORE the bath, me thinks. ;)